X-GAMES 2007


Edité par gforcephilnplease, can you explain more the reason of your topic? you just give an url to see ![](http://www.snow-fr.com/uploads/old_smileys/blink.gif)


…here on snow-fr.com you can make topics. This is a snowboardminded forum. From time to time you can start topics. Topics about all kind of different subjects. So as I started a topic there must be a aubject somewhere here…

…in this case it is about the X-games. Now, sometimes… it is also possible to put a link to that topic. A link is something that you can use on the internet aswell. It allows you to go to a second or different page than the subject itself in the topic.

…with this link you allow people to take a closer look to what you mean with this certain topic. In this case the X-Games of 2007.

(do I need to go on or what?)

Nice vidz , i like what it represent… Joy when you win when you explode yourself… you give all what you got inside… Very nice… bump