Perhaps there is already such a topic about that and if that is the case please delete this one.

BUT IF THAT IS NOT THE CASE please do post only tricks and tips FOR JUST GOOFY RIDERS!

Merci bien.

Oh, Goldmember.Please don’t write your titles in capital letters…It sucks.
I didn’t know that you were a goofy rider. I’m regular so that’s my last post here

Me goofy.

j’ai essayé de trouver des triktips fait par des gars qui rident en goofy je sais pas si c’est ce que tu veux.

frontboard lipslide to fackie

kinked Rails

bs nosepress

triks sur quarterpipe

triks sur des boxs

…regardes qui est goofy, je vais pas tous les mettre…

(c’est bien ça que tu voulais ? )

dommage que je sois regular

Well i’m goofy too so

flat :
switch normal 360 front and back followed or preceded by a nose or tail press… but it was at the end of the previous season , so i don’t no if could perform it nowadays
the same with the 180
then i mix and shake

aerials :
360 back ( i grabbed it once ) , 180 back or front (and grabbed ), i’m trying to perform a shifty but i dont really understand the movement, backflip once in backountry.

Halfpipe : i don’t really know … i can perform an aerial like a 180 grabbed, but i never tried better , because of a lack of halpipes in france