THAT feeling.

Down that slope, in that park, the pipe, or is it that powderrun? WHEN do YOU have THAT specific feeling during snowboarding?

Do you ride to have fun? Well, when do you have that fun moment at it’s top?
WHEN is THAT fun moment?

Do you ride to do that trick to get that trick dialed to get that trick done at the end of the day?
Is that YOUR moment? At the end of the day and being satisfied to have done that trick?

Do you ride with music?
Riding, being mellow and slow OR being aggressive and fast, but with music? Is THAT your feeling?

What feeling I am talking about? The feeling when YOU are the happiest person DURING snowboarding?!

I am talking about THAT feeling.


Riding in a smooth and light powder …
Jumpin’ a big-air…

After a long powder run with lots of snow in my head

I see my line and I dream to another world witch never climb but always go down