[POLY] WEDZE Diaboli Spirit

I would like to buy a « diabolic spirit » by WEDZE (Decathlon). Who knows anything about this board? I want a « all mountain », I am 182 cm x 95 Kg. Please let me know! Thank you all!

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So what is your level. We need it for make good advices


What’s your size (foot) ?

As Artiz said, it is necessary for us to know your level!

The diabolic seems to be a board for beginners.
For 230€, I’m sure you can find a board that allows you to go further (ie to be adapted (in terms of level) to your future « improve » (sorry, I do not know the correct word in English, do you understand me?).
Check the 2007, 2008 and 2009 boards, not the 2010 series

Anyway, this board seems (check, I use « seem » not « be ») to be adapted to your program (all moutain).

What about the brand?
Wed’ze’s boards are known to be « heavy » (meaning you have an iron bar below your feet).

To my mind, I think it is not the perfect deal



Ops, I forgot an important thing!
According to decathlon.fr, the highest tall is 162cm, and this is a bit short for you!

Dear Leo, Artiz

your english is ok! Don’t worry!

I am an indermediate (I can have the whole track without « go down » blue and red tracks) but I want to improve… I was thinking to that board because of the price, because should be rigid enough (I have many power in the legs) and because there are many brands and models around the web and in the shops and I don’t know what to choose… Please suggest me something! My size foot is 47 (boots)

Hey nutsnow! What’s your size and weight? It will be necessary for us to be able to help you choosing your gear!

What’ve the others riders to say about « WEDZE » ?
Is it a good mark, can we find in this mark the new technologies as the Reverse camber etc ? Is it able to compete with Burton, Apo…

Excuse me for my bad english but i’m 15 years old

I am 182 cm x 95 KG and my boots 47 (I am very athletic… I am a rugby player so my legs are very strong)

Yeah rugbyman player


Okay, seing these figures, it will not be a problem for you to « twist » a board, I mean you must have an iron bar under your feet, otherwise your board will be too flexible, and thus not suitable for your program.

I have no more advices, but I can be the spokesman (although artiz and others are good in English), if the people who are familiar with the boards cannot say their tips in English (however, my English is not perfect, as you see! )

Petite traduction :

ok, en regardant ces chiffres, ça ne va pas être un problème pour toi de « tordre » une planche, je veux dire que tu dois avoir une planche rigide (« bar de fer »), sinon ta planche va être trop flexible, et donc pas adaptée à ton programme.

Je n’ai pas d’autre argument, mais je peux essayer d’être le traducteur (même si artiz et les autres sont bons en anglais), si les gens qui ont des conseils ne peuvent pas les dire en anglais.

Edité par Artiz JE suis une pine en anglais je me suis surpris moi même à sortir ça lol ![](http://www.snow-fr.com/uploads/old_smileys/wink.gif) Je vais essayer de continuer ca me fera pas de mal mais je pense qu'il faudra que tu traduises

You need a wide board (for your big foot) and with your mensuration, you need a board between 165 centimetre and 170 centimetre.

Look at the model and i will them you later

So guys,

thank you for your help… have I buy a 165??? Seems to be very long. 162W is not suitable for me? So I have to forget the « diabolic spirit »? Anyone can suggest an alternative board? In order to spend around 250€ …


If you’re 95kgs and you’re not planning on hitting the park then 165 is the minimum length you should take. I also think you should take it wide if you boot size is 47!

I used to have a board Queschua, which recently became Wed’ze (Big up to my homeboy The Taz’manian Devil!!!) and they’re cheap board but it was good to begin with,although it was not so good when it came to sliding on the slopes…A friend that had another board slid much better,but on the other hand I had a board that was not fit for my program,it was way too short,maybe that’s why it didn’t slid good…(If anybody can confirm that)

All in all I guess they’re the cheapest board you can find out there;but maybe it’s best to spend a little more on better products.

The bindings were unconfortable and hurt my feet…


Si tu fais 95kgs and que tu t’orientes pas vers du freestyle alors il te faut au minimum 165,si tu fais du 47 il vaut mieux également prendre du wide.
J’avais une board Quechua,qui est devenu Wed’ze (spéciale dédicace à mon poto Taz!!!),elles sont bon marché mais pas trop mal pour commencer,même si elle glissait pas des masses…Un pote avait une autre board et il glissait beaucoup mieux,mais peut être cela était du à la longueur de ma planche,visiblement trop courte et pas adapté à mon programme(si qqun peut confirmer)

L’un dans l’autre c’est les boards les moins cheres du marché mais je pense peut être que ça vaut le coup de mettre un peu plus d’argent pour du meilleur matos.

Les fix par contre me faisaient super mal…

Well Guys,

finally I have bought a Diabolic spirit (162W) with flite1 bindings. What can I say, in the jungle of boards, advertising and suggestions… I have choosen this board by wedze. Nobody seems have tested this board before, I will do and I will post asap some result … Thank you for your support and see you soon (after my first slope of the new snow season 4 DEC - 8 DEC).

Talk soon,


P.s. what about flite 1 bindings???

I don’t know this bindings.

Where have you bought your bindings ?

Hey nutsnow !

I didn’t see this thread before i pm you!
Seems my answer was i little late.

Anyway, despite any prejudices about wedze and decathlon products, the diabolic spirit is a very stiff and very light board. I’ve been riding it last year during 7-8 days. It’s a little tiring, and bending the stick might be an issue because of the stiffness, but it’s definetely stable. And no, it’s not made for park. It’s even more a freeride board than all-moutain.

Waiting for your review !


Translation :

J’avais pas vu ce sujet avant de te mp.
il semblerait que ma réponse soit un peu tardive.

En tout cas, malgré les préjugés à propos de wedze et des produits décathlon, la diabolic spirit est une planche très rigide et très légère. Je l’ai ridé l’année dernière pendant 7-8 jours. Elle est assez fatigante, et la tordre peut être problématique à cause de sa rigidité, mais elle est très stable. Et elle n’est pas faite pour du freestyle. Elle est même plutôt orientée freeride que polyvalente.

J’attends tes impressions !


finally I have tried my new board (diabolik spirit 162 Wide by wedze) and my new bindings FLOW Flite 1 so …

BOARD WEDZE diabolik spirit: very stable board, fast and precise and not so heavy (less than 3 Kg). It’s hard and stable expecially when you ride FAST but if you don’t play attention to some ice piece of slope or you are not ready into the irregular part of the slope … she easily kick you over! Anyway I am happy of this product.

BINDINGS FLOW Flite1: nothing more confortable! Very easy and fast to wear (SPECIAL LOCK SYSTEM). Everytime soft, no feet pain, precise with fast response. I SUGGEST TO BUY A PAIR … look the website for more info

au revoir


Dude post your test when you have tested it. Thanks to decathlon or an other sports mark, we can buy some good stuff at a lower price, and i think that everyone can’t buy a board at 500€

Let we know your feelings about it. But if you go towards a higher board, you can buy it on a US online store ( lower price )