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Hey man you arrive too late…

Clik here

Not too late. It is just that I had this small booklet/magazine of Clubmed for 2007/2008 and I was wondering around who the photographers were so I did take a look at the last page of this Clubmed 07/08 magazine and noticed there were a lot of photographers involved. And I picked this name out WITHOUT KNOWING WHO IT WAS! So… I picked this name and you come up with this link! Thank you very much my man! But very typical indeed for me that I choose this name out of this list of all kinds of different photographers!!! HAHAHA! GREAT!

I really don’t understand the 2 first line, sorry… ^^

Je lire une livre de Clubem et beaucoup photos dans la livre. Je regarde qui dans la livre? Quelle photographers je demande moi. Et voila. je regarde pour la nomme de Yann Arthus Bertrand! Je voudrais parle avec Yanne Arthus Bertrand svp.

lol, i think you are not alone to want meet Y.A.B, it’s my « hero » i really admire Y.A.B because he do lot of things for the pollution and for the bio diversity…