[PHOTOS] [ ? existantielle] S'investir dans du matos photo?

Pour moi, c’est assez maintenant, j’achete plus de matériel photo
Ca me revient trop chère le matériel photo pour moi!?!

Avec combien d’argent penses-tu en finir pour devenir un pro?

Mais quand vous avez tout ce qui vous faut en matos photo, est ce que vous etes amenés à réinvestir à nouveau?
Par exemple dans de nouveau boitier, nouveaux objectifs, nouvelles cartes mémoire, etc etc…

Merci bien.

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Pourquoi je comprends jamais rien à ce que tu dis, l’ami?

Allright, WHEN is it enough? WHEN is it enough while buying your photographicmaterials? WHEN can you say towards yourself: "I have bought enough and now I am gonna be professional (or not!)?

‹ comprend ›???

I think :

The material doesn’t make the professionnal… the professionnal knows how to get the best of his own-material! The real material is the eyes!

You can do magic pictures with a click-and-trash material. It depends on the subject, the view, the light, the exact moment to get the picture … not really on the quality of the material. You cannot buy artistic « capabilities »!

c’est beau c’que tu dis…!

(mais c’est pas faux…)

tu pense? Ok… merci! Mais je pense pas tu are totally right.

No, for sure … materials plays a huge difference.

But, you can give me the best of the best materials, I won’t be abble to pic THE picture! … That’s why, i said that materials doesn’t make the artist.

I play drums. And when I see some fu**in good drummers playing on a minimal kit, or on trashes, or on cam … I really feel I’ll never be a real drummer … I’m just learning to pretend being a drummer.
Even if i had the best drums of the world, I won’t have their groove, or this little thing that makes the difference. Even on cam, man, they rock!

My advice : just be satisfied of your work, and know that it will be better tomorrow… but also that it is already better than yesterday!

« My advice : just be satisfied of your work, and know that it will be better tomorrow… but also that it is already better than yesterday! »



…if I can upgrade my skills with photogrpahy and NEED to buy better materials then I think in my mind and perception that that will indeed will be better at the end with photos. It is a matter of time whether the photographer-with-skills can work with the camera…

So what do I need to buy, oh no… when do I need to stop buying? (I have NOT bought anyhting yet…)

I don’t really get the point of your question …
If you don’t have bought anything yet … and that you want to be a professionnal photographer … then, it is time to invest, « mon coco »!
You need a semi-professionnal material.

Photography, like music, is about dream and perception. You like to do it, it’s more than a hobby, you need it in your life, it’s part of you …
If it would get you high to get good material… then go on. Make your dream real… even if it’s not that serious!

Remember, we only live once!!!

Point is that when YOU (rad: other members) are satisfied with the stuff that you have already bought and think that you can do well with photogrpahy with the stuff that you have. In other terms…

what kind of budget is necessary to try to make it on the market off proffesional photography?