…they didn’t had the picture. When you were doing your thing and somehow, someway the photographer did NOT took the picture. Soooo… you need to hike back, to take the chairlift back or whatever to take yourself up on that hill and doing the same thing over and over again in order to get yourself on that picture.

Q: Do you have experience with photographers (read: friends(!) at the time they were not able to take pictures of you? WHILE knowing that it is not that difficult to take a picture of someone who is jumping into the air or doing a slide?

…so if you have any bad experience about photographers (read again: friends) were taking pictures of you and you were totally not satisfied with the result post it here. Please do note that this topic is not about how to make enemies with your friends. This topic is to post your angryness, your frustations for once and for all about THAT specific one moment in your life while snowboarding and trying to get you on that picture!

Le monsieur vous demande ici, de poster votre expériences avec ces foutus photographes (bien souvent des amis) qui ne prennent pas la photo au moment de votre trick (pour diverses raison, entre la cadrage manqué, l’appareil non allumé, le cache disposé sur l’objectif, …),
et qui vous oblige donc à remonté et réessayer une fois et encore, et encore et encore

‹ Le monsieur (…) › hihi… mais parler-moi mais à avec toi. Mais merci pour monsieur.

Ca cest PLUS gentil Beija! Merci bien pour TA translation! Merci bien.