‹ Thank to have met you ›! ()Borat (BORAT)

for those who were in L2A and that I’ve been able to meet, know what I am talking about. It was nice to meet you guys and girls there in L2A. Hope to see you again! Very soon…

Ps: Spino, you are one crazy bada$$ good person! Rock on dude.

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THX my friends ! you are very COOL and Crazy man too Kiss and see you soon in Nederland !

Pour moi:

Encore 2.500 km avec voiture - encore 56 euro péage - encore 170 euro gas - 31,10 euro L2A skipass - 10 euro chambre (merci nouveau gentil amis pour une res bien lit!) - 5 pommes - 8 bananas - 8 oranges - 1 soup - 15 litre de l’au et limonade pour boir(?) - 8 balisto - 3 nuts - 1 frites - 5 litre glasscleaner pour moustikos de ma voiture - etc etc

(tu veux encore information???) et tout cest juste pour samedi, lundi et dimanche…

It was nice to meet you too Goldmember!
What a nice guy!
We hope all to see you again very fast!