Bon, (here we go… en Français…)

dans fevrier 2007 je vais a la Les 2 Alpes just pour 1 semaine avec une specific organisation mais aujordhui je connais pas (still) pas ou je ne peux pas suivre le cours ou. Et je demande tout VOUS pour visites MOI si le cours ne continue pas car je suis alors assis dans mon un dans 2 une chambre de personne.

tu comprend ma problem maintenant (oh je’espere)

merci, merci ma members. merci.

Hi dude,

If you could write in English it would be much esasier to understand what you are trying to ask, cause I have to admit that the translation isn’t very « correct » lol.

D’après ce que j’ai quand même reussi à comprendre, il va aux 2 Alpes avec une organisation et il cherche un partenaire pour rider avec lui (lui montrer la station etc.).


yeah use english dude, cos it aint easy to get the subject. (but good to try anyway)

February 2007 there will be a specific course for me. In Les 2 Alpes. Now, the course will ONLY be held if there are 5 persons to follow that course. There are now 2. At the time there are 5 the course will be held. As I can’t wait upon that 5th person I NEED to book and have booked an appartement in Les 2 Alpes. 2 person room but with just 1 person, moi. Now, what I would ask is that when the course is not going to be held for example that there are not 5 persons I am not gonna be on my own there. SO…

…therefore I was wondering if there are members here on this board who I could meet in february in Les 2 Alpes so we can ride together. Because it is too expensive to cancel all and not to go… je pense.

what is exactly your date?

05 - 09 February 2007