[INFO] 'montagne' dans Pays-Bas

Les Pays-Bas et montagne? Ohhhhh non. Juste l’eau… hehe… BUT also lot’s of energy from the people who adore snow INDOORS! Check these pictures as there is in snowplanet a funpark in the make by the great people who are in charge of the funpark during summertime. Again, it is in the make so no any actionpictures. 2 jumps, 1 BIG (2 weeks necessary to make it hard) and 1 short. A rail and some features that will appear soon as the summerpark is about to open soon on the 1st of april.

For your viewing pleasure:


Yeahhh nice pics !!!


…not that it is that very cold inside but it is for sure a fun thing to do in between winters. OR you can sit your ass somewhere in Biarritz or Hossegor 4 example…