Ikea? Oui Ikea...

Can someone be so helpfull to give me a number or address of the marketing departement of Ikea in our close to Lyon? I would like to get a number where possible. www.ikea.fr ? well no luck there…


Et ça c’est quoi?!

Tu as tout ce dont tu as besoin là!

Closage de topic demandé…

Informations magasin*:

Z.A.C. du Champ du Pont
Case 1
69808 Saint-Priest

Téléphone et fax:
Contact Clients
Tél. 9h-20h du lun. au sam.
Informations client
0825 10 3000(0.15€/min)
Service après vente
0820 100 820 (0.118€/min)
0825 100 800(0.15€/min)
Vente à Distance
0892 300 100 (0.34€/min

De l’étranger/from abroad
INT+ 33 825 826 826
Fax : 01 69 11 16 50

Merci bien!

*jespere AUSSI headquarters pour marketing…
0825 100 800(0.15€/min)

u would like to work at ikea ?

i’m not sure this is the good phone number for what you’r looking for…
this may be a link for companies wich want to equip their office…

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My Webpage
try there indeed…

I just called Informations client
0825 10 3000(0.15€/min) and they gave me just a fax number… for the marketing departement…

tell us what it is for Gold…

you want to find a job there…? or just tell them their new ad sucks…?

Désolé. Pas possible.

bé je peux pas t’aider plus dans ce cas là…

You already have been helping a lot and I am very thankfull for that.

my pleasure man!