Is this even the good section to put such a topic. Such a question.

HOW TO LIVE LIKE A FRENCHMAN? When YOU have the answer, as a French, please respond here as I am looking what it takes to actually live (and survive) in France. What kind of things (with and without snowboarding) am I (and others) facing when living in France. This topic can go big only that depends how YOU react and want to reply on this not so easy, peasy lemon sqeeuzy question.

Many, many thanks in advance to tell me how to live like a frenchman.

What does it takes to live like a Frenchman.


When you’re French, you got to buy baguette every morning, and then eat 3 or 4 snails with a good sauce. Then you go to your field with a big tractor, and your good old beret. So cool to be French .

If it was a true question, oh dear, then i think you don’t have to care for french style. We’re not living differently, it’s that simple

PS : j’adore toujours autant m’exprimer en anglais, même si je suis mauvais, raaaah, quel bonheur .

It’s the same things like you, don’t worry
home sweet home

Dont’ wash yourself

Drink bier !!!

Don’ t speak about sex, don’t show off your pants

to live like a french?.. hummmmm euhhhhhhh speak french maybe

What does « wash » mean ?

Bon beh je vais être le seul pekno à écrire en français mais pour vivre comme un français, je sais pas commencer à parler français

T’arrives en retard alex

Quand je dis que je n’aime pas l’anglais fr, je ne dis pas ça dans le vent !

Quand Hollandais OU (aussi!) autre monde parle Francais (et jespere bon Francais) je pense 70% cest bon (ou bien?) avec des Francais!

Normallement dans ma visite EN France ma (FRENCH) amis cest plus gentil pour moi!

It really depends on what you mean with « like a frenchman », I’m not so sure to be as different as you may think…

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I absolutely understood nothing!

Maybe you’d better not use « Google translate » if you wanna talk with us!

It would be A very good Idea !

to continue about english things I will go to Boston and NY in April !!! youhou I’m so happy !

« Google translate »? THAT was my own French…


What do you mean by « ma français c’est pas bien » !! Say it in english because I didn’t understand in french !

if you wanna live WITH french people you need a lot of patience and bravery.
if you wanna live LIKE a french people in
North of france : you need to like traditionnal dance, drink beer and like bad weather…
Paris : you need to be a proud person, confident, and like party

South of france : you need to be a big Mouth, be tan and love sea-sex-and-sun

But French can be cool and funny people if you take time to know them

Bien sur amis francais (que je suis également…) tout ceci n’est que caricature de nos charmantes et belles régions!

en vrai on est fort, beau, intelligent et en plus on sens bon de dessous les bras!

Son français est de fort piètre qualité, mais pardonnez-le très chère


« patience and bravery », OUI I have found that out… uphere in Pays-Bas everything goes fast fast fast… → not good. FOr health.

« South of france : you need to be a big Mouth, be tan and love sea-sex-and-sun »

jaime la sud et jaime aussi vous.

it’s how to LIVE like a frenchman, not « LIFE » . Becoming fluent in the language should be a priority, as French people (not the young ppl but the older population) can be somewhat cocky and have a lot of pride, therefore disrespect you. If you at least attempt to improve your language skills, people will appreciate it, and with a foreign accent you’ll pick up chicks like it was your job to do so

On a sidenote, skip as many showers as you can, act rowdy, don’t shave, eat like a pig, wear tight metrosexual clothing, surrender when provoked, and that’s all I can think of for now…