[EVENT] Burton Abominable Snow Jam Competition

Upcoming Burton Abominable Snow Jam Competition to Feature Top Riders and over $140,000 in Prizes

Burton’s fourth annual Abominable Snow Jam snowboarding competition is one week away and top snowboarders from all over the world are getting ready for the summer’s biggest snowboarding event, set for July 10-12, 2007 at High Cascade Snowboard Camp and Timberline Resort on Mt. Hood, Oregon.

The Burton Abominable Snow Jam is the first stop on the prestigious TTR World Snowboard Tour. Riders can earn valuable TTR points early in the season that will help elevate their standings in the overall World Tour Ranking list and ultimately toward the TTR World Championship title.

Featuring a quarterpipe, halfpipe and slopestyle competition, the Abominable Snow Jam brings top riders to Mt. Hood for a laid-back event in the hub of the summer snowboard scene. This year’s attendees includes male riders Mason Aguirre, Danny Kass, Ross Powers, Jussi Oksanen, Peter Line, Eddie Wall, Kevin Pearce, Pat Moore, Scotty Lago, Chris Rotax, Willy Yli Luoma, Keir Dillon, Keegan Valaika and Andreas Wiig. Female riders will be represented by Kelly Clark, Gretchen Bleiler, Cheryl Maas, Jaime Anderson, Meg Pugh, Leanne Pelosi, Janna Myen, Elena Hight and Hana Beaman.

Volvo will have three new cars on display to check out, the new C30, the Heico/Burton C30 and the IPD C30. Harley-Davidson will provide on-site demos as an opportunity for media, competitors and spectators alike to test/ride the new Harley-Davidson Nightster™ motorcycles in Government Camp. The demo will take place Monday, July 9 through Thursday, July 12 at the Burton Demo Center from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. In addition, Harley-Davidson will host the Harley Nightster™ BBQ Party in Government Camp at Charlie’s on July 11. SoBe will also be on-site keeping all attendees hydrated and Paul Mitchell will keep things stylish by supplying hair care products.

High Cascade Snowboard Camp is hosting the quarterpipe contest on July 10 and the halfpipe competition on July 11. On July 12, the Abominable Snow Jam wraps up with the slopestyle competition at Timberline Resort. Besides yeti and penguin sightings, riders will enjoy fun in the sun with on-snow barbeques, massage therapy treatments and parties at the local Hood hangouts.

Thanks to the event’s sponsors, the Abominable Snow Jam will be offering over $140,000 in prizes including a Volvo C30, two 2007 Harley-Davidson XL 1200N Nightster™ motorcycles, two 2008 Polaris 600 RMK 155" snowmobiles and plenty of cold hard cash. In addition, male and female Best Trick prizes for the quarterpipe, halfpipe and slopestyle events include a Rolex watch, a MacBook Pro and a Sony HDV video camera respectively.

Special thanks go out to Volvo, SoBe, Paul Mitchell, Harley-Davidson, Timberline Resort and High Cascade Snowboard Camp for supporting the Burton Abominable Snow Jam. For more information on the Burton Abominable Snow Jam, check out www.abominablesnowjam.com or call Burton Rider Services at 800-881-3138.


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The 4th Annual Abominable Snow Jam Kicks Off with Quarterpipe

The fourth annual Burton Abominable Snow Jam kicked off today with perfect weather for the quarterpipe event hosted by High Cascade Snowboard Camp on Mt. Hood. Word is the yeti clan is back in town for the event and they brought a new addition to the crew. It was a relaxed scene up on the glacier with a crowd chilling in the summer sun while some of the top riders in the world dropped into the monster 30-foot quarterpipe created by Planet Snow Design. It was a jam format with men and women dropping together for a 90-minute finals session. The A-list of riders included the likes of Mason Aguirre, Peter Line, Keir Dillon, Kelly Clark, Scotty Lago and Hana Beaman who were all charging at the massive wall of snow.

For the men, Mason Aguirre was riding well, putting down a big frontside 720, a smooth frontside 540 and a backside 900 to take third place. Kevin Pearce had some good drops with huge straight airs and a stylish McTwist to take the second spot. And it It was Norweigen rider, Torstien Horgmo, who tore the quarterpipe to pieces throwing a large backside 720, a huge backside air, a switch backside 360 and a Michalchuk to take the first spot and $10,000. Japanese rider, Fumiyuki Murakami, was blasting over the lip of the quarterpipe going 22-feet out to claim highest air and a 2008 Polaris 600 RMK Snowmobile. Jack Mitrani was dropping in a bit higher up then the rest of the riders and was throwing airs in the 25-foot range but just couldn’t get the landing gear down. Scotty Lago took home the best trick award and a shiny new Rolex watch with a fluid ally-oop 720 truck driver.

Kelly Clark, Yuki Furihata and Hana Beaman were absolutely ruling on the women’s side of things. Kelly was on point all afternoon pulling off some big airs and spins to take third. She also went the highest out of the women’s field claiming biggest air and a brand new Polaris snowmobile. Yuki was throwing some large straight airs and a nice McTwist to take the second spot. Yuki was also awarded best trick and a Rolex for her stylish McTwist. And it was Hana Beaman who was charging with some backside airs, a backside 360 and a McTwist to take first place and $5,000.

Over the next two days, riders will be throwing down in the 22-foot pipe at High Cascade Snowboard Camp and tearing it up on the Timberline slopestyle course. After all is said and done, one rider will be crowned the 2007 Abominable Snow Jam champion and will walk away with a brand new Volvo C30 and one male and one female rider will be awarded the Harley-Davidson Inspired Ride award and take home a 2007 Harley-Davidson XL 1200N Nightster. Stay tuned for more from the ASJ.

Final Results:


  1. Torstein Horgmo

  2. Kevin Pearce

  3. Mason Aguirre

  4. Jake Blauvelt

  5. Dustin Craven

Highest Air-Fumiyuki Murakami (2008 Polaris 600 RMK Snowmobile)

Best Trick-Scotty Lago: Alley-oop 720 Truck Driver (Rolex Watch)


  1. Hana Beaman ($5,000)

  2. Yuki Furihata

  3. Kelly Clark

  4. Mag Pugh

  5. Leslie Glenn

Highest Air-Kelly Clark (2008 Polaris 600 RMK Snowmobile)

Best Trick-Yuki Furihata: McTwist (Rolex Watch)

For pictures / pour les photos :


Et halfpipe ici: