[DEMANDE] Infographiste

infographiste is someone:

you are on a computer and you have to make some animation or picture

Infographiste is like graphic designer (I think)

it’s a graphic designer

and he’s waiting to be hired

…thought so…

…now I know where to look for as in work and stuff ‹ EN France ›!

Merci bien.

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…btw what is that other occupation called in France? When you work in an advertising studio with fonttypes and stuff? The same?

This kind of activity is called PAO (Production Assisté par Ordinateur), but i don’t know the exact title of the job .

c’est plutot « publication assistée par ordinateur »


Exact, je sais pas pourquoi j’ai inventé ça

Pardon et désolé, mais je comprend pas ta reponse:

« Exact, je sais pas pourquoi j’ai inventé ça »

I made a mistake and he corrected it, so i « apologized ».