Who has ever done an EUROTEST and can explain how it works from beginning to finish. Merci bien.

A EUROTEST is a bigslalomcourse which allows winners to teach allover in France (and which is my goal.)

Is it the way to get the « brevet d’état » ?
'Cause to teach snowboard or ski in France you need it,never heard about this EUROTEST but maybe.

Robert : L’eurotest est le dernier test du BE, et à ce qui parait c’est plutôt dur.

Maintenant, peut être que ça ouvre des équivalences en Europe, je sais pas, mais sans doute .


I was in Les Deux Alpes and they said I needed to do that Eurotest. I even brought a stage form to fill in (or is that something else???) I will make a scan and post a picture of that form that I brought with me.

Merci g4m3rz,je me coucherai moins con ce soir
Enfin ya encore du travail.
Fin du off topic.

BE = Brevet d’Etat = you need this to teach ski/snowboard in France . If you’re not french, i think you can have an european equivalence or sumfin like that.
I speak english like a spanish cow .

Dol you have experience then? Noooo, not with spanish cows…

but with that Eurotest!?