What kind of job did you had then? And may I ask what you are doing now then? You see, it is not for a seasonjob that I am looking for but that is what you perhaps already have found out… I perfectly understand the whole situation with weather and jobs.

yes I speak of seasonal job but if you search a job for a long time, I think you have to see in big city like Grenoble, Lyon, Chambery and you will not be far from mountains

and now, I sleep late in the morning and after I go to ride in the afternoon and after
more seriously, this afternoon I go to look for a job

Chambery… rien…

have you looked for a job in Genève ? because it’s more international than french cities and they speak french and english
good luck

NOW we are talking! You goodluck today and I with my search, in Geneva! Merci bien!

…or perhaps I need to find a zoo around Chambéry… to actually work there… Serious I am? YES! J’ai en marre!

I know that you’re good in design and graphics, but are you a good developper ? (like websites)

There’s a lots of jobs in « Sophia Antipolis » (near « Nice ») for programmers and designers.

(Malheuresement) je suis pas une programmeur. Je pense ca cest une total difference travaille. Non, mais design oui bien sure.

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…in the meantime in Geneva… it is kinda of quiet… with whether to find the proper work…

How many CVs have you send in fact ? If you’re looking for a specific job in a specific area, you should have a look at this : Les pages jaunes.

Just fill in the blanks (In « Quoi? » type « publicité » or « design », and in « Où? » type « rhone-alpes » for example) and click « Rechercher ».

It will give you all the companies (of all kind of size) in the specified area.
After that you just have to get in touch with them by sending your CV and motivation letter.

As they said above, Geneve may be a good choice for you as it’s an international city (contrary to Chambery or Grenoble). It should be easier for you.

Besides, they’re looking for an extra monkey in the Lyon’s zoo … just send them a photograph (no CV needed ) …

Don’t despair and good luck !

Hey! There has been a very very small sparkle at the end of that horizon as someone showed interest in me. Someone INSIDE the snowboard-community! Keeping my fingers crossed!

Though… I need not to be that happy as it may can end like a deadend…


Gitan sa paye bien

Enfaite goldmember c’est un peu le Jean-Claude Vandam de Snow-fr okje sors… ^^

Mdr ^^ Un peu oué, mais c’est ce qui fait son charme !
Good luck to you goldmember

mai lol il se fout de votre poire bande de trou de balle

Thanks guys… hehe… lol.

Anyway, keeping the dream alive (where possible) but yet no any response whatsoever for work ‹ en France ›…

…but like I said, keeping the dream alive. So if someone who reads this topic and thinks he or she can help me with anything that will lead into some direction to get work in France, please do drop a mail.



So yeah here is a reply from a BIG snowboard brand in France where I sent my CV to…


Merci pour votre mail.
Nous n’avons pour l’instant pas de poste à pourvoir.
Je garde votre CV si une opportunité se présentait.

Bonne chance dans votre recherche


So I can forget that one for sure…

Hi mate,
if you are looking for a job in the french alps you could easily find something in england there are first choice they do for a lot of position, Ukoh, Skiworld, have a look on gumtree as well.
and maybe you will have a better chance than me try with freeride.fr it’s a french compagny but managed by english staff they do in meribel and val d’isere i think…
it’s such a good resort dude! but you will be working with a french contract. i met them and they are very nice and serious, it’s an interesting compagny to work for.

oupsss osrry what kind of position are you looking for again?

ps: sorry for my english lol

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hey j’ai oublié de dire! if you speak english and have a correct french you could find a job with nbv leisure it’s a dream job to work in a chalet as a salesperson which you just need to work 2 days behind you desk to sale liftpass and then you have eumhh the whole weeks to ski or snowboard and you get free accomodation. it is the dream job and most of the customers are english anyway… eumh almost… =)

ne perd pas espoir!! you have more chance to find something than me cause you speak english!!! fuck me i still have a lot of interview and start to be fed up too.