[SKATE] World Championship of Skateboarding 2007!


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IOU started working this Friday and look how far they’ve got. Don’t forget, after the contest the course will stay open to the public for three full days! Entry FREE!

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More confirmations just in!!!

Last year’s king of the vert: Sandro Dias will be competing again. Other riders will be (street & vert): Corey Duffel, Angel Ramirez, Neal Hendrix, Chris Gregson, David Garrett, Tony Trujillo, Mathias Ringström, Tommy van Berkel, Niell Brown.

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Rider inscriptions are coming in really quickly now. Some riders that have been confirmed already, many more to come. Updates daily!

Renton Millar, Chris Troy, Anthony Schutlz, Shuriken Shannon, Justin Figueroa, David Loy, Lem Villemen, Alex Mizurov, Chris Pfanner, Dominik Dietrich, Henning Braaten and 2005 winner: Bastien Salabanzi !!!