[SKATE] [VIDEO] skateboard video contest

hi there

sorry for writing in english but my french’s just tooo bad…

here’s a page that is doing a video contest every month


check it out. the winner of the last contest is kind of lame so i guess there’s a good chance to win. i’ll send something anyway…

any skaters here from lille?

The link doesn’t work …

hey zani

strange the link works fine with me. i’m using a regular internet explorer. no idea what went wrong for you…

just type www.europeanskateboards.com and enter the site the regular way, how bout that snow addict…

i guess you’re not from lille then

En faite il propose que l’on envoie nos vidéos sur ce site qui fait des concours chaque mois et l’on peu gagner des lots

Enfin si j’ai bien compris


Ils parlent pas français à lille?

oh yes and comment ils parlent francais in lille… but i am not french i’m german and i pass through lille from time to time and i checked out the skatepark near porte des postes metro station and wanted to know if there are any skaters from there on this forum.

je peut essayer en francais mais je suis more comfotable in english, je sais c’est un forum de snowboard ici mais si quelqu’un connait un forum justement skateboard il peut le poster ici por moi c’est gentil. c’est horrible mon francais?!?

hey zani did the link work?