[Poly] YES

Salut tout le monde !!!

je voudrais savoir si vous connaissez la marque YES et ceux qu’on peut me dire sur cette derniere.
Sachant que j’envisage l’achat d’une.


je me posais la meme question!bonne idée de topic

Ce que je peux vous dire c’est que les Yes sont Made in Rolle (Usine Nidecker/Suisse). J’ai pas testé mais elles doivent être pas mal vu que le noyau est basé (pour ne pas dire que c’est le même(?)) sur celui de la Nidecker Smoke qui est

Un test (ça vaut ce que ça vaut…) en anglais:

Just because it’s a rocker doesn’t mean it’s a noodle! I took out the 156.5 (Romain de Marchi’s board of choice) with the asymmetric sidecut. The first characteristic I noticed was that the 156.5 has a really firm flex. Firm longitudinally with tons of pop and fairly stiff torsionally make the board ideal for hell for leather backcountry booter freestylers.

Unfortunately for me, the park setup was a little restricted with small barrel jibs and rail slides, fortunately the YES boards have a fairly pronounced rocker at the tip and tail so riding tight transitions wasn’t a problem and the buttery feel that you get with rockers was tons of fun spinning over the smaller kickers. The YES boards use Nidecker’s CamRock profile which is extremely similar to the Rossignol Amptek rocker, essentially the boards have a camber between the bindings and rocker at the nose and tail. I certainly felt confident railing carves on hard pack and icier runs and straight lining felt very stable without a hint of catchiness thanks to the raised tip and tails, meaning the start of the effective edge is raised above the snow. As you’d expect the asymmetric sidecut makes heelside turns sharper without having to put loads of forward lean on your high backs, perfect for the jibbers and rail riders out there who consider forward lean a sin. If you need any more grip the 156.5 is also available with Ultimate Grip, a serrated edge which much like Mervin’s Magne-traction gives increased grip on hard pack and ice. One of the real pluses of the YES boards is that they all come with a super high grade 6000 sintered base… try finding that on a board of a similar price!

Riding switch was much the same as riding regular, responsive and stable and cab spins were very simple. Again the Camrock profile made popping onto rails and pressing surprisingly easy considering the longitudinal stiffness, board-sliding on rails and boxes was fine but you could definitely notice the triaxial glass as the YES didn’t lock on to rails quite like jib specific decks.

The YES boards are perfect for serious and experienced all mountain freestylers who prefer to hit things fast and go big than get bogged down with technical rail tricks. Perfect for attacking a slopestyle course or backcountry booter, but thanks to the CamRock profile versatile enough to spend a whole day cruising powder.