[PHOTOS] [DEBAT] Le numérique a t-il tué le snowboard ?


In what way do you think that digital photography has got a NEGATIVE influence on snowboarding (and skiing)? Especially magazines. Try to step into it and try to imagine what it would be if there was no digital photography.


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j’aurais pas de photo de vacances à mater le soir meme sur mon pc déjà…

moi je suis pour les nouvelles technologies

Strange question .
I don’t think that digital photo « killed » in someway snowboarding, and i even think it helped the sport pretty well. Everyone can have good shots of himself and/or friends and can spread those everywhere (actually, on the web) easily. So snowboard have now a wider influence than ever, and thats great !

VF :

Drole d’idée pour moi, la photo numérique a grandement contribué à la diffusion du snow sur internet par plein d’amateurs. Et donc c’est un plus

Pour moi la photo numérique à permis aux riders amateurs de shooter des photos correctes de leur sessions.
D’un autre côté quand je ride avec mes potes j’ai plus de plaisir si j’ai pas besoins de m’arrêter pour shooter.
Mais qu’est ce que c’est bon de voir un joli triks qu’on à plaqué en photo ?

« …can spread those everywhere (actually, on the web) easily. »

And the professional photographers dont earn shit!

Hum, again i’m not ok with you. The pro photographers shoot pro skiers and sell their photos to magazines, not Mister Anybody (Monsieur Tout le monde ) !

1st of all you are probably NOT aware of my side. Which is the same as your side. (I want professional photographers)
2ndly I asked for your opinion. Not whether my opinion was good or bad.
3rd I replied on a line that is a general line and not a kind of line which was a statement in the eye of photographers.

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…and again there is a misunderstanding going on here…

Sorry, i thought this was your opinion, but you just wanted to start a debate. Sorry again, my mistake



Ok ok, we got it .

Maybe nobody think that, maybe everyone think thats digital photo is great ?

Ofcourse digital is great. But is it that it COULD be deadly for magazines, suppliers and receivers? Deadlines are shorter, everyone is outthere be able to get cheap pictures for less money cameras. Professional cameras are expensive, same result with pictures or not? Is it necessary to purchase a 7000 EURO camera? Would YOU (as a photographer) be able to take enough pictures to get your money back?

As press photographer , i ve started 7 years ago and it was the end of argentic photography for newspaper and press photographer. The equipement was expensive cause just Pro body like nikon D1 , Canon EOS 1D , etc . Now you can get excellent body new or used for under 1000 euros so the « technical » quality is accesible to everybody. But the artistic quality and originality of an image don’t depend of the equipement … a good photographer takes better pictures with a eos 350D and cheap lens than a not good photographer with EOS 1Dn and expensive 2.8 lenses. So digital photography can help beginner photographers to progress , to share quickly their images…

…the bad consequence is the editor of magazines or newspapers are mostly interested by cheaper photography and prefer take a bad but cheap or free picture from a « wanna be » photographer than a beautiful ( but expensive ) pictures of a pro photographer.
So what i see in my profession is that is really harder to live from photography cause there is too much people who want to sell pictures to magazin or be photographer since the photography became DIGITAL.

I ve contact a mountain bike magazine to work as freelance on freeride or downhill event but they prefer let the redactors or journalists take pictures themselves than pay a photographer.

here a street mtbiking pics from me


so if magazines pay… they pay nearly nothing cause they know that thousand new photographers wait at the door …

conclusion, digital have just multiply the concurence by doing easier the way to produce and distribute images.

THANK VR FOR YOUR INPUT! That is the kind of reponse that I was looking and am looking for.


« so if magazines pay… they pay nearly nothing cause they know that thousand new photographers wait at the door … »

OR NOT? Who can come in and give his or her point of view?