That there are more and more contests for snowboarding PLUS photography ALL together?

1 snowboard contest AND 1 photoshootcontest.


…what are WE waiting for? Isn’t it time to make up a new setup theme?

Something like a contest with snowboarders PLUS photoshoot PLUS a forum to put those pictures on…

…such as a forum as…

Let’s do it.

Edité par SnowKhan(Tentative de) traduction: Il y a de plus en plus de contests de snowboard et de photoshoots (séances photos) qui s'organisent.

Donc, qu’est ce qu’on attends ? N’est il pas temps de créer un nouveau type d’evenement ?

Une sorte de contest de snow AVEC séances photos ET un forum pour publier les images ensuite…

…un forum comme…

tu pourrais faire un effort, je trouve ton anglais pas très « simple » à comprendre pour des néophytes…

That seem a good idea, but how ?

Well we have 1 year to arrange all. Well at least I have 1 year as others has not volunteered themselves. So. I am thinking and then it is time to act.

Your idea sounds well

Every help from each one outthere would be very thankfull.

it’s a good idea! very good idea!
but we should’nt forget that it’s difficult to organize a contest!
so good luck!

it’s possible that we organize a contest in the south alpes, I shall talk again, when it will be ok!

sorry for my bad english

traduction de ce que j’ai essayé de dire:
c’est une super idée
mais il ne faut pas oublier qu’organiser un contest est difficile donc bonne chance.
il est possible que nous organisions un contest dans les alpes du sud, je t’en parlerai plus tard quand ce sera sur.

Feel free to ask me if you need help. As you know I haven’t got many time but it’s an important project !

Tell us what are the different steps.

Well lets see… sponsors?

Hook up with Canon perhaps? OR is that a step too far?

I need to figure out what is in my head and what is possible to do. So… that is a looooong way.

In the meantime I want to thank you belethia for writing in English! Je comprend et merci!

I don’t know what to do but, if you need help, I can do anything. heeem. almost anything