[Musique] Musique des films de ski et snow!


Millencolin - Buillion
Moka Only - Red Dragon
Good Riddance - Saccharine
Gob - Paint It Black
Sigor Ros - Hunjor
Billy Idol - Dancing With Myself
AFI - Paper Airplanes
Mason Jennings - Butterfly
Shiftkit - Stronger
Autopilot Off - Wide Awake
Iced Earth - 1776
Lagwagon - Bad Moon Rising
Talib Kweli - Get By
N.E.R.D - Lapdance
Stacey O - Two of Hearts
Autkast - Aliens
Pennywise - Land Down Under
Vowel Movements - Escape


Sweet and Low- Fugazi
Rush- Talib Kweli
Tomorrow- Homegrown
Universal Love- DL Incognito
Just Anyone- 1208
Why Ask Why- 3 Point
Set it Out- Nappy Roots
Junior Citizen- The Poster Children
Judgement Day- The Deluxetone Rockets
Do You Wanna be and MC- K-otix
90 Degrees- DL Incognito


CR - Roughneck by Mex It Happen
HUGO- Get Away by Hed Planet Earth
STEELE - Gimmie Some by Turbonegro
SETH - Dramimine by Modest Mouse
VINNIE - It Was Written by Damien Marley
JAY - Leave by Stereomud
WENDY/SARAH - Neptunes Jewels by Mystic
MCMURRAY - Runnin With A Gun by Slightly Stoopid
POLLARD - Southbound Pacyderm by Primus
MCGOVERN - Drunken Lullibies by Flogging Molly
TURPIN - Little Man by Gluecifer
PEP - Nothing Makes Sense by Sweatshop Union
2nd part- you got anotherthing coming by judas priest
BUSHFIELD - Wipe It Till It Bleeds by Turbonegro
MCCONKEY - Blackout by Hed Planet Earth
Flesh Into Gear by CKY

CREDITS - The Breakdown by People Under The Stairs


Intro-‹ silent scream › Slayer
Tanner-‹ shook ones › mobb deep
Auclair-‹ the love you save › jackson 5
Mickael, julien-‹ know the ledge › Rakim
Boyd-‹ Walking on sunshine › katrina and the waves
Anthony-‹ blue collar man (long nights) › styx
Kristi-‹ centerfold › J geils band
Hugo, Dan, Seth-‹ chemical warfare › dead kennedys
Poirier, Cusson-‹ living in america › the sounds
Pep-‹ clubbed to death › rob d
jon-‹ youth gone wild › skid road
credits-‹ i believe i can fly › me first and the gimmie gimmies
‹ 2u › vowel movements


Crystal Method - ‹ High Roller ›
‹ She’s My Pusher ›
‹ Keep Hope Alive ›
Shurik’n - ‹ Samourai ›
Blondie - ‹ Heart Of Glass ›
The Usual Suspect - ‹ The Killing Of A Rat ›
Dashboard Confessional - ‹ The Place You Have Come To Fear The Most ›
GZA/Genius - ‹ Liquid Swords ›
Kraftwerk - ‹ Radioactivity ›
The Sounds - ‹ Mine For Life ›
Death In Vegas - ‹ Hands Around My Throat ›
Jack Johnson - ‹ It’s All Understood ›
Sleater Kinney - ‹ Oh! ›
The Sixth String - ‹ Acouphen ›
The Flaming Lips - ‹ Race For The Prize ›


Rob Zombie-feel so numb
Souldivider-A need to escape
Cypress Hill-Trouble v
Primer 55-This is life
N.E.R.D-Rock Star
Swollen Members-Killing Spree
Injected-Burn it Black
Dope-Now or Never
Deltron 3030-Madness
Taking Back Sunday-Cute with out the e
Swollen Members-Fuel Injected
Fu Manchu-Seperate Kingdom
Swollen Members/Nelly Furtado-Breathe
3rd Strike-Hang on
Workhorse Movement-Keep the sabbath dream alive
3rd Strike-Flow Heat
Soul Hooligan-time goes by
Deltron 3030-Things you can do


Bleeding Through- Turns Cold To The Touch
The Knack- My Sherona
Dan Hicks and The Hot Licks- Some Love Song (I forget the name, look in the credits)
The Faint- Glass Dance
Vowl Movments- Escalade
In Flames- Jotun
Lords Of Acid- The Crablouse
Heiroglyphics- The Who
Dan Hicks and The Hot licks- Strike it while its hot
The Knack- Its Not me

**Happy Dayz

Pegboy - Strong Reaction
Tsunami Bomb - Take The Reins
Dialated Peoples - Worst Comes to Worst
Good Riddiance - Yesterday’s Headlines
De La Soul - It aint All Good
Kiss - Detroit Rock City
Infinite Mass - She’s a Freak
International Noise Conspiracy
Production of Beats
Commen Sense - Summertime
Green Day - Basketcase
Swollen Members - Bring it Home
L - Ice
Jimmy Eat World - Bleed America
Death by Stereo - Getting it off my Chest
Pharcyde - Can’t Keep Running Away
Swollen Members - Fuel Injected
No Use For A Name - Enjoy the Silence
Vowel movements - like thata

**Second Generation

  1. Good day to die - sick shift
  2. Breath - K-Otix
  3. Burn - Stemm
  4. Not Like U - Rubberneck
  5. Compound Fractures - Mars Ill
  6. Ice - Magic Dirt
  7. Interlude - MG! the Visionary
  8. Out of Context - Stemm
  9. Hit or Miss - NewFound Glory
  10. Ode to Johnny Alkie - Sick Shift
  11. Frequencies - K-Otix
  12. Disassociate - Jonny Law
  13. Sunday Drive - Sick Shift
  14. World Reknown - K-Otix
  15. Try Again - Mars Ill


Opening Song = D’Angelo ‹ Devil’s Pie ›
Belenger’s Song = Reflection Eternal feat. Bahamadia ‹ Chaos ›
Mikeal’s Song = Sizzla ‹ Words of Truth ›
Dybvig’s Song = Dysfunkshun ‹ Brickless ›
Candide’s Song = Sister Nancy ‹ Bam Bam ›
Dion’s Song = Thrice ‹ In Your Hands ›
Pollard’s Song = Del Tha Funkee Homosapien ‹ 3030 ›
Larose’s Song = Sarah McLachlan ‹ Fear ›
Credits = Boogie Monsters ‹ Jugganauts ›

**Subject 2 Change

Endo- The Program
CR & Boys- Gravity
Adema- Freaking Out
Greyboy- Logan’s Run
Waterdown- The One Thing
El Gant- People Used To say
Pulley- Cashed In
Endo- The Gateway
Hatebreed- Last Breathe
Sans bon Sens- Marcs Song
Pableto Henry- Revolutionary Dream
Quarashi- Stick Em Up
CRASH SEG- Old Commentator From NFL Films(mix of songs)
Dope- Take Your Best Shot
Donsen Park- Monopoly

**Propaganda Soundtrack

1 Temperedcast “Supernatural Ride” (“starring”) \
2 Bombshell Rocks “Tonight I’m Burning” (JP Auclair)
3 Swollen Members “Strength” (Julien Renier-Lafouge)
4 Pennywise “Fuck Authority” (Jon Olson) \
5 Swollen Members “Take It Back” (“Rookies” - Steel Spence & Anthony Bronowski)
6 Thrice “Ultrablue” (Kristi Leskinin, Candide Thovex, Nick Mercon, Mike Laroche, Dave Crichton, Mathew Paquette, Sarah Burke, Baptiste Rousset)
7 MOP 'Ante Up” (Vinnie Dorion & Philou Poirier)
8 Ignite “Veteran” (Mike Douglas)
9 Shut Downs “Some Song” (Crash Section)
10 Abstract Rude “Stop Bitting” (Eric Pollard & Mike Nick)
11 Motley Crew “Kick Start My Heart” (Boyd Easley)
12 Good Riddance “October” (Shannon Schad)
13 Kottonmouth Kings feat. Dog Boy “Crucial” (Tanner Hall, Evan Raps, CR Johnson) \
14 Face to Face “Blind” (3 Phils) \
15 POD “Southtown” (Shane Szocs)
16 Face to Face “Don’t Change” (JF Cusson) \
17 Big Wig “Sloop John B” (1st Ending Credits)
18 Shut Downs “Alien” (2nd Ending Credits)

**The Game

1’Phesto D’ by Hieroglyphics - JF Cusson
2’On My Own’ by Pivit - Game Intro
3’Speed Law’ by Mos Def - Evan Raps
4’the mexican’ by babe ruth - Shane Szocs
5’Devil’s Dance Floor’ by Flogging Molly-JP Auclair
6’Broken’ by Welt - Japan
7’American Made’ by Sprung Monkey - Seth/Loubek
8,9’Big Pimpin’ Jay-Z and ‹ Da Rockwilder › - Vinnie
10’Sell Me’ by Frankie Machine - 3 Phils
11’Second Sight’ from NEM@NOOS.FR - Julien
12’Like an Outlaw’ by Social Distortion - Skogen
13’If I Had My Way’ by Turned Down - FRIENDS
14 15 ‹ Rap/Rock Superstar › by Cypress Hill - Philou
16’Cyber Christ’ by Pivit - Candide
17’Someday’ by Zebrahead - Mike D
18’The theme from the NOFX album’ by NOFX -


U God ‹ Pleasure or Pain ›
Tricky ‹ Hell is Around the Courner ›
White Stripes ‹ Hello Operator ›
Beenie Man ‹ Bad Man ›
Mission ‹ Disturbing ›
Living legends ‹ Can’t Stand the Fricton ›
Prefuse 73 ‹ Shitlime ›
Mos Def ‹ Hiphop ›
Noreaga ‹ Sometimes ›


Artsonic Fake
Consumed Heavy Metal Winner
Metallica Last Caress
No Use For A Name Sitting Duck
Drop Kick Murphys Barroom Hero
Wyclef Jean We Trying To Stay Alive
Strung Out Reason To Believe
Pulley Soberbeah
Pivit Unseen
Frenzal Rhomb Never Had So Much Fun
Cheater Teenage Zero
Public Enemy Bring The Noise
AFI Malleus Maleficarum
Devo Mongoliod
Unwritten Law Superman
Pennywise Stand By Me
Come Dancing Good Riddance


K.RYHME LE ROI - Je ne suis pas crazy (Instru)
K.RYHME LE ROI - Mes Frères me comprennent pas
CHUKKY STAR - True Hustler
LYRICSON - Watch out Mama
LYRICSON - Seeking For the better Futur
LYRICSON - Night … Day
DANY DAN and MR VEGAS - Make the fire burn
SPY GLASS - Go Spy Theme
JUMP UP - Reagge Company
COOL DOWN - Reagge Anthology

Ski Movie 2 High Society

  1. ‹ Megaton › by SMP
  2. ‹ Click, click boom › by Saliva
  3. ‹ American Pimp › by The Phunk Junkies
  4. ‹ Prophet › by Slighlty Stoopid
  5. ‹ one armed man › by Project 86
  6. ‹ Your disease › by Spineshank
  7. ‹ Shit jobs for Rock › by Java the Cat
  8. ‹ Unified › by dislocated styles
  9. ‹ Swalow › by Skin Dives
  10. ‹ Legion › by Junkie XL
  11. ‹ Deep End › by Swollen Members
  12. ‹ 29 days › by Overflow
  13. ‹ Vibe › by Step Kings
  14. ‹ Tranquilizer › by Skin Dive
  15. ‹ Leader of men › by Nickelback
  16. ‹ September › by SMP
  17. ‹ Things I’ve seen › by The Spooks
  18. ‹ Brackish › by Kitie
  19. ‹ Baby Cool your Jets › by Jet Set Satellite
  20. ‹ Size does Matter › by On Inc.
  21. ‹ Zippo › by Corrision of Conformity
  22. ‹ Take it Back › by Swollen Members
  23. ‹ Break em off › by Delinquent Habits
  24. ‹ Voices › by Disturbated
  25. ‹ The Wilderness › by Jaya the Cat
  26. ‹ Prisoner of Society › by The Living End
  27. ‹ A year in a Life › by Kung Fao

Rastafaride 2

Chukki Starr - Want to be free
Chukki Starr - Time to go
Chukki Starr feat Ronnie Thwaites - Heart Breaker
Chukki Starr - Forever Shall Praise
Michael Rose - Musical rate
Michael Rose - Never give it up
Alpheus - Bad Bwoy
Alpheus - Nothing can step you
Alpheus - Secret admirer


Alan Parson Project - Eye in the sky
Beetheven - William tell overture
For my people - Segunde
The Cure - Boys don’t cry
Gloria Estephan - Conga
Dj a dog
Les Ritas Mitsouko - C’est comme ca
Bratisla Boys - Stach stach
Genlus - Liquid Swords
Prince - Kiss
Top Loader - Dancing in the moonlights
Pierre Bacheler - Les bronzés font du ski
Plastic Bertrand - Ca plane pour moi
Mathieu Lagarde - Sushi
The Corrs - Breathless


Chrystal Method - High Roller
Chrystal Method - She’s my pusher
Chrystal Method - Keep hope alive
Shurik’n - Samourai
Blondie - Heart of glass
The usual suspect - The killing of a rat
Dashboard confessional - The place you have come to fear the most
Gza/Genius - Liquid swords
Kraftwerk - Radioactivity
The sounds - Mine for Life
Death in Vegas - Hands around my throat
Jack Johnson - It’s all understood
Sleater kinney - Oh!
The Sixth String - Acouphen
The Flaminglips - Race for the prize

The Prophecy

-Overseer « Insectocutor Dub »
-Pennywise « Wouldn’t it be nice »
-DJ RPM « Madd Ladd »
-Blackallicious « Passion »
-Freddy Be vs Angel Alanis « For your mind…(Valley Heart breakbeat mix) »
-Nappy Roots « Blowin Trees »
-Bionic Jive « Ricochet »
-Extrait de l’album Bombay the Hard Way: Guns, Cars and Sitars « Theme from Don »
-Freddy Be presents S.O.U.L VIBRATION « got soul »
-N.E.R.D. « Rockstar »
-Freddy Be « River Gap Theme »
-1200 Techniques « Hard as hell »
-Cirrus « Boomerang »
-Hugo Montenegro « The good, the bad and the ugly »
-Reverend Horton Heat « Reverend Horton Heat’s Big Blue Car »
-Aesop Rock « Day light »
-Mos Def and DJ Honda « Travelin’ man »
-Aerosmith « Sweet Emotion »
-Grand Agent « Its only right »
-Kristy Thirsk « Till the end of the time »
-Xecutionars « Xecutionars theme song »
-Slightly Stoopid "Sun is shining


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