it goes something like this:

« I want you, I want you… »

(geeloo?, jlo? scheelo?, sjeelo?, cheelo?)

hey gold if u search a song go here =>

u register and u can reccord ure request

Elvis Costello maybe, he has a song called I want you, but it’s quite old.
Otherway, if you know the lyrics…google is your friend !

Ok thanks.

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still nothing what I was looking for. it is new it is dancing song.

peut etre

J-Lo = Jennifer lopez

Malheuresement negative.

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Sur apres "Rechercher un titre "?

« rechercher un titre »

tu remplis le genre de la chanson l’année etc (tout ce que tu sais sur la chanson), et tu peut même enregistrer un bou de la chanson que tu veu retrouver ou enregistrer l’air de la chanson en fredonnant.

Merci Ghost. Merci bien. peut etre aussi.

Can’t you fuckin’ stop to write your topics in CAPITAL LETTERS ?

huh what is the problem? is there a problem somewhere?

Yeah, indeed…

huh what is the problem? is there a problem somewhere? Hehe…

It is alright. I WILL STOP! Oh shit I will stop. Voilà pas de probleme.

Thanks man, because it’s a bit agressive you know. When you write in capital letters on internet it just means that you are screaming, and no one have to scream to get an answer on snow-fr
No, but when you read the titles of the topics it sucks when only one is wrote in capital letters…
thank you

Et bah voila, quand tu veux!!