[ITW] Eddie Wall

I met Eddie Wall in Amsterdam at the Volcom Amsterdamn Am 2007. And must say very kind he is.

Read this interview at Transword snowboarding from April 1, 2006 in case you dont who he is…


Eddie Wall made the trek from Pennsylvania to Mammoth Lakes, by way of Lake Tahoe—ready to make it, an aspirant professional snowboarder. “If I ride everyday, and am a nice guy, I’ll have to go pro eventually.”

The chances of this actually happening are slim to none. He washed dishes full time, just to ride and skate for free. Then shredded mops as a nighttime janitor. His journey is comparable to that of a would-be actress, making the bold move from Des Moines to Hollywood with nothing but stars in her eyes and pockets full of hope. The only difference being that he made it happen, and she served up your french toast at Denny’s this morning.—Evan LeFebvre

How’s winter been treating you so far?

Pretty good, got off to a interesting start, ‘cause I switched from Jeenyus to Forum, which meant I had to switch from Mack Dawg to the Forum Movie THAT. So it was a bit stressful switching film crews and having to ride new product.

How is the switch to Forum working out?

I am really happy about it. I loved Jeenyus, but I think it’ll be good with everyone on Forum. It was pretty hard getting used to the boards though, it takes me awhile to feel really comfortable on a board, so filming and the X-Games were pretty hard at first—I felt really awkward on my board there, but fortunately ended up doing pretty well.

How scary was breaking your’ knee-cap in half filming for video gangs?

That was really bad. The pain was unlike anything I’ve ever felt, I was screaming so loud. I’ve had three knee surgeries, and over a year of physical therapy to heal from that. Fortunately I’ve been able to time all my surgeries with my seasons, so I never missed too much filming. But my knee is pretty messed up. It’s been a crazy experience.

Have you ever broken anything at the MTN. LAB?

A snowmobile? Haha, I don’t know, maybe a finger or something.

Why don’t you eat meat?

My parents just raised me like that. I eat fish and dairy, but no other meats. They just did it for health reasons I guess. But it’s cool, I’m pretty used to it.

Any strange janitorial stories you’d like to share?

Yeah maybe, I was a night janitor for two seasons, one at Kirkwood and one at Mammoth. We used to do some pretty messed up pranks and stuff. But most involve shit and other bad stuff, so it’s probably better if I don’t share too much. Pretty gnarly shit, but so funny.

You’re probably one of the nicest guys in snowboarding, when was the last time you hurt someone’s feelings?

Thanks a lot, that’s a cool compliment. I try not to hurt people’s feelings ‘cause that’s just lame. I don’t like talking shit, and I really don’t like people who talk shit—it’s a waste of energy.

When’s the last time you bought a lift ticket?

I don’t know, maybe when I was eighteen or something. I never really thought about that … oh, no wait, on opening day at Baker this year. I went there to ride with Peter Line, and he got two free tickets, but he gave the other one to his girlfriend. So I ended up buying one—that was a freaking sick day.

How are the ladies treating you? I hear you’re juggling a few of them.

What, who’s saying that? I’m not juggling girls. I don’t know what my girl situation is, I guess I’m single right now though. There is a girl I’m into, we’ve been hanging out, but you can be sure I’m not gonna’ say her name for everyone to know.

Pat Milberry told me that your dad was killing it at camp over summer, and I heard his back 50’s are smoother than Sean Lakes—true?

Haha, when I started snowboarding my dad started too, just for something to do, and then he got super into it. He’ll hike the park all day, hitting rails and jumps. He built rails in the front yard and he hits them all the time. He does USASA and some other comp’s, like Spring Loaded in Killington, it’s really cool. He’s freaking good, he has a smooth three and some rail tricks—he rules.

What’s heavier, a pound of bricks, or a pound of feathers?

Bricks, duh. Just kidding, they both weigh a pound—man I’m smart.

Where do you see yourself five minutes from now?

Packing to drive to Tahoe, then Canada.

When you were in high school, could you get drunk off of three wine coolers?

If I pounded them real fast on an empty stomach, for sure—and that’s exactly what I would’ve done.

How many beers does it take you to get drunk now?

I don’t know, kinda’ a lot. Two days ago in Utah, I got pretty faded with Aaron Biittner and a few people, and I accidentally broke a beer bottle and cut my hand so bad, I think I still have a big piece of glass in my finger, and maybe cut a tendon in my thumb. I can barely type right now, it kills—stupid.

Did you drink twice as much sake as everyone at dinner? Or are you twice as much of a lightweight?

Oh, that’s where all these drinking questions are coming from, Dresser. No, I just pounded three times more than anyone. I got all excited and was drinking a lot, real fast. Sometimes I just get in party mode and go nuts.

How many band-aids did it take to patch up your flesh wound at the bar?

About five, the blood was pouring out of my hand like a faucet—it was crazy, I thought I hit an artery or something. The funny thing to, is that I ran up to the bar with my hand pouring blood everywhere and ordered another Bud Light before going to the bathroom to stitch it up—I can’t believe the bar tender served me. It still hurts soo bad. I may go get it checked out—see if I cut my tendon. Oh well, bad situations usually make good stories I guess.