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Right now there are 5812 members… so I expect ‹ some › names here…

Tom or Thomas
And you Gold what’s your real name ?

ps : not in the right section, but someone will move the subject


Matthieu or matthew in english

cédric or cédric in english

Lionel as Laïonel in english.
Why do you want to know that?

Bertrand, beber pour les intimes

and I’ve got the BEC V in the pocket

Pierre or peter in english

people often thinks that my name is matthiew, I should have chosen an other nickname maybe

P.S : I wonder if in my sentence " I should have chosen an other nickname maybe ", the word « maybe » is in the right place.

Thanks for your english lessons


jean claude

Hedy, ou audio pour les intimes !




PS : ya pas un modo pour déplacer ce sujet dans une section plus appropriée?

Je peux.

But i still can’t get the point of this topic, sorry. And i am not so sure that gold wanted to know your surnames, but whatever …

Not silly…

pierre yves
In english, i don’t know …

Bob… Bob Sinclar enchanté man!

Maxime (Max for homies)