[INFO] Julien Haricot?


I met Julien at Snowplanet, in Les Pays-Bas but forgot to ask him his emailadres. I gave him my businesscard, but as he quite a lot on the road… he didnt had the time to contact me.

Does anyone here know him personally?

Merci bien.

Personnally ??.. not really…

I saw him quite often at burton’s or psykopit’s party but i haven’t his personnal email adress for sure.

He is a quite cool guy but really « screamy » sometimes

I’m a good friend of Clara Morgan and she’s pretty cool if you see what i mean and i have her email if you… no finally i will keep it for me fe


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Well I don’t know Clara ici but all I know is that I would like to get into contact with Julien. At the time I met him, he was quite ok. So… get me that address.

I was there.

Je l’ai revu depuis

Not 1 soul here can help me out???

i higly doubt it …but anyway …
I cant sorry but maybe someone will have that adress… and will be willing to give it to you … who knows…

j’essayer de faire la course avec lui a tigne l’année derniere j’allait aussi vite que lui sauf que lui il rentré des 180° dans tout les sens et a la fin il a fait ollie par dessus la banniere ralentir