Chill on the hill in Les Pays-Bas 2007

Every tuesday evening there is a small event. It is called chill on the hill. Especially in the evening the snowpark is turned into 1 happy place with hits, rails, kickers and so on. There is even a dj spinning the wheels to everyone joy what they like to do most, snowboarding with friends. In the meantime there have been some Chill on the hills events in the past and many have taken pictures from that. Well all the props for the photographers and here you will find a small slideshow with pictures of that event. So please take a look and see what is possible with a lot of work, props to the constructors and organizers, on an indoorslope somewhere in the north of the Netherlands.

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Ps: pictures will follow asap.

How is called that indoor slope ? there is only one indoor slope in france and there are some contests sometimes too…it’s called "snowhall d’amnéville les thermes’

Indoor slope = indoorbaan (indoortrack)

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Hi Gold
doyou mean that indoor slope is the name of the spot ?
i already went to the « Snowworld » in Laangraaf (Netherlands) … is it at the same place ?
cauz i had a lokk at your pictures and it looks like snowworld

Snowworld, 2 indoorslopes. Landgraaf and Zoetermeer.

Snowplanet, 1 indoorslope. Velsen-Zuid.

ca cest moi.