[AVIS]Ma nouveau skis. Nothing special. Just...


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They seems pretty short, which size did you took ?

However, they’re nice skis but they got a limited lifetime, if you see what i mean . But its ok for freestyle, and they were probably cheap, cos’ they’re from the last season. Oh, and the bindings are good


want to use it especially for the pipe and park(jumps)

Am even worse than a beginner!
But hey, you need to start somewhere. Oh, it is soooo difficult!

LMFAO, u ride salomon skis, these good but not for long time

So… what does and will last longer then???

I think so too that especially the center will be damaged a lot…

If you can get K2 or Volkl skis

+1 for volkl skis

Bah, if you’re a begginner that’ll be just perfect. You can keep them and enjoy them a maximum, it’ll be ok . Don’t buy other skis now, it’ll change nothing.