5? 6? 7? 8? 9? ou 10? Quelle snowboardniveau?


PARDON! Je regarde this one:

autre topic (duh…)

Yes dude,use the fonction search! If you idea of topic is not create,you create your topic! Ok?

What happen in the kitchen dude ? What do you mean ? You wana know the level of snowboard of the members from Snow-fr ?..

« You wana know the level of snowboard of the members from Snow-fr ? »


Ok,me i’m a brick lolll

Seriously I ride since 1993-or 94 I don’t remember excatly and I think that I can always push my level(as long as I practise regularly)
The whole is well to be in its head and it not to have too large (the head) (Humility is very rare in this « milieu » )

About 8 like you brotha’

Almost 11!!!

Seriously 5!

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On peut t’aider en Français, mais il faut que tu écrives au moins quelques lignes pour qu’on comprenne tes sujets.

we can help for your French, but also, it’s necessary that you write several lines (even in English ), just to explain a little your subject for all the members.

  • Hello Brian! Where is Jenny
  • Hello! I think she’s in ze kitchen wiz bob.
  • Ho yeah!! Thank you!

Bha quoi j’ai placé les quelques restes d’anglais qu’il me restait, si ça peut aider

ok ok ok ok…

So this topic is all about your skill with snowboarding or freestyle ski. I want to find out what the average skill is overhere among the members of this website as I think you guys are all pussies… hehe… THAT is a JOKE!

Come on you can do it, tell me your skill. Is it a 5? Is it a 9 or even a 10? It doesn’t matter as long as you post.

BIG thanks!

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Ofcourse add some pictures of your skills for example. It is that I want to find out what kind of riders are overhere! Pussies or doggies? It doesn’t matter it is all about having fun! So come on post!

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could you explain us what do these numbers mean? a level in jump? or what?

just average level! For example at school you receive numbers from 1 or 5 up to 10. So give/rate yourself with a number just like at school. You do well at school? You receive a 7, you do well on a board, you give yourself a 7. Are you good? A 8 will do fine…